American Legion Post 356 Pizza Burger Sale

Many thanks from American Legion Post 356 to the Muskego Piggly Wiggly store for sponsoring our successful Pizza Burger sale on August 16–17.  Thanks also to other vendors who donated products: Pepsi Bottling Company, Seven-up Bottling, Snyder’s (S-L Distributing) and Frito Lay, who through Piggly Wiggly donated other products for sale.  Funds raised will support various veterans’ organizations.  We appreciate the many folks who stopped by to eat, donate and chat with us.


Muskego Piggly Wiggly Pizza Burger Sale

The first American Legion Post 356 Pizza Burger sale in conjunction with the Muskego Piggly Wiggly Store was a great success. The weather was fantastic and so were the residents of Muskego who joined us for a fun day of eating and talking.Many Thanks.

Muskego Piggly Wiggly Pizza Burger Sale

Muskego Piggly Wiggly is selling pizza burgers on Friday and Saturday August 16 & 17. Proceeds are going to be donated to the Muskego American Legion Post 356. We wili be selling pizza burgers on our sidewalk in front of the store from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm Friday and Saturday with chips and soda for $5.00. Come join us for a great meal and visit with members of the Post.

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Dandilion Daze festival

                          Dandilion Daze festival

                             August 23-25 Largest free admission festival in Southeastern 


Flag Disposal Ceremony

June 14, 2019: The American Post 356 conducted the Retired Flag Disposal Ceremony on Flag day. It was also noted that it was the 244th birthday of the Army June 14, 1775. GO ARMY

Aulilary Scholarship Awards

June 13, 2019:The American Legion Post 356 Auxiliary awarded $1000.00 scholarships to three Muskego High School students. The students had to write a personal essay about patriotism, a plan on being a good citizen, the name of a relative who served in the military and what branch and an event in history that change the USA. Owen Malinauskas, Sydney Bartz and Abigail Lemke were awarded a scholarship.

Vietnam War Commemoration

The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration

Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary if the Vietnam War
By the President of the United States of America
By Barack Obama

Memorial Ceremony and Vietman War Commemoration

The American Legion Post 356 and Legion Auxiliary held the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the New Muskego City Hall. The Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony was also conducted today for five veterans.

Muskego Police Awards Ceremony May 2019

The American Legion Post 356 Posted the Colors for the annual Muskego Police Awards Ceremony at City Hall on Tuesday May 21, 2019

Annual Poppy Distribution 2019

The American Legion Post 356 Auxiliary held their annual poppy distribution event this last Friday and Saturday May 17-18, 2019. Thanks to the citizens of Muskego for their generous support of the celebration of support for American Soldiers.