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American Flag Project

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Dear friend and Patirot:
Those American Flags along our Road Ways Look Great. They make us proud to be an American and a Muskego Citizen. That Displayed, and others, are possible because of the American Flag Project operated by American Legion Post 356 in cooperation with City of Muskego and supported by the Citizens of Muskego.
The Flags will be going up soon. They fly from spring through Veterans Day. The Flags serve as recognition and reminder of the sacrifices of past and present Armed Forces members, their families and other Patriots who serve our nation.
Funds for this impressive display come from the citizens of Muskego, individuals and businesses. Please consider sponsoring a flag Or several. For just $15 you can help our community look impressive and honor those who work to preserve our freedom. Contact Ray Ingold at 414 – 852 – 7116 or Fred Rahm, 2nd Vice Commander, at 414 – 828 – 3733.