What To Do If You and Your Dog Are Followed By a Coyote

DOg, Cotote

With this Convid-19 pandemic most of us are self  quarantined and staying at home.  However we do what we can to stay  healthy and active which may include walking local trails or walking our dog.  Hear is one thing to be alert to.

Coyotes have been on the prowl in the neighborhood.  There have been quite a few reports popping up on the news about people in the area seeing coyotes while out walking their dogs in the evening and at night or      hearing them prowling around their backyards in the wee hours of the morning.  They have even been filmed walking down  Janesville Road during the daytime!  This  can be expected when the number of coyotes     increase and they become more comfortable living in the suburbs and even in the cities.  The following notes from “Paws and Play” newsletter may help you the next time you have an encounter of the wild. furry kind:

 ·  Do NOT turn your back to a coyote—do NOT run.  (Coyotes can run up to 40 mph over short distances….. You won’t outrun them).

 · Put your dog on a leach, if they aren’t already.  Do NOT turn your dog loose to go after the coyote.

 · Unzip your jacket and hold it wide open or raise you hands above your head and wave them. 

  Making yourself appear larger and scarier to the coyote.

 · Run toward the coyotes and make noise to scare or shoo them away—yell ”Go Away Coyote”, shake your keys, clap, etc

 · Throw rocks, branches, or anything else at your disposal toward the coyote to scare them away.  Aim for their feet and generally around them, not necessarily directly at them.

 · If you live in an area where you know coyotes frequent, you can carry a whistle or fill a soda can with some coins or nuts & bolts.  Wrap the entire thing in duct tape and then shake it to use as a noise-maker in the event you encounter a coyote.  You can also get mini airhorn that you can carry with you on your walks.

 · Consider doing your walks and hikes with a can of pepper spray or a water pistol whit vinegar-water in it.  You can use either to sop a coyote that gets to close.

 Note:  With all noise-making attempts  …. filled cans, whistles airhorns, etc….  Take care to have your own   dog(s) under good leash control so as not to also startle them and have them run off (or after the coyote).