Muskego Piggle Wiggly Store does roundup for American Legion

Piggle Wiggle Roundup

Jim Semrod the owner of the Muskego Piggly Wiggly store on Racine Avenue has been a big supporter of local no-profit organizations.  This past August, he had his store do a Round-Up for the Muskego American Legion Post 356.  (If you are not familiar with a Round-Up, it is when you are checking out the cashier will ask if you want to Round-Up the balance of you bill to an even number.)

The picture shows Jim presenting a check for $3252.50 to Muskego Post 356 Commander Randy Reinke.   Most of the money will be going toward veterans’ charities like Fisher House, Honor Flight, Camp American Legion and local activities like Muskego Athletic Association and Muskego High School Scholarship Fund.