Cub Scouts - Pack 93

Submitted by David Czysz on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 07:42
Flag Folding With Cub Scout

Cub Scout Wolf Den – Pack 93

The Muskego American Legion Post 356 is always honored to work with local Scouts when ever they can. 

On December 19, 2023, Post 356 worked with Cub Scout Wolf Den of Pack 93 to help them with the Council Fire (Duty to Country) Wolf Adventure Workbook.  The part that they work on was:

  • With your den or pack, participate in a flag ceremony, and learn how to properly care for and fold the flag.
  • With your parent or guardian’s permission, talk to a military veteran, law enforcement officer, member of the fire department, or someone else approved by your Den Leader.

The Post demonstrated Posting the Colors at the beginning of the meeting.

A Post member read “The Flag Speaks” which is a history of the Flag.

Then demonstrated how to fold a funeral flag while one of the Legionnaires read the “Meaning of Flag Folding”.

Next all the Scouts, Scout Leaders and Parents had an opportunity to practice folding a flag.

Last was a question-and-answer period with the Post member and the scouts.